Video games partnering with other popular brands is nothing new. Over the years many of the top games have been featured on all kinds of consumer goods, such as when pokemon Collaborated with McDonald’s to bring the iconic video game franchise to Happy Meals. Offering to collect limited-edition items, these collaborations between companies are usually a good thing for fans. recently, xbox announced a new partnership with Trolley, revealing the exclusive Xbox Series S console design.

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Trolley is a candy company from Germany. The company has become popular around the world, selling a variety of products such as gummy candies, marshmallows, and soft licorice gum. One of the defining features of the brand is its brightly colored packaging. Xbox seems to have noticed this and decided to build a console based on colored candy, making Trolley another candy company to partner with video games.


In an announcement from Xbox, the company recently revealed a limited-edition trolley design for the Xbox Series S. Middle. In addition, many of the iconic trolley candy worms are in design.

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trolley xbox series

Fans can enter to win this exclusive console to receive a free month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate by purchasing eligible trolley products and then using the receipt from purchase. Then they have to go to and fill out the registration form for a chance to win. In addition to the Xbox Series S, a trolley-themed Xbox wireless controller and 3-month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate comes with the rewards bundle.

In addition to this exclusive Xbox Series X bundle, several trolley candies are getting exclusive artwork based on popular Xbox properties such as hello infinityhandjob sea ​​of ​​thieveshandjob Psychonauts 2, And fate 2. Along with this special packaging, each purchase of these limited-edition Trolley Sour Gummy Candies comes with one month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. In addition, fans can visit the Trolley Xbox Wormhole site to learn more about the history of Xbox.

In addition to this partnership with Trolley, Xbox recently partnered with Rockstar Energy. This deal between the two companies brings hello infinity Artwork for selecting the flavor of Rockstar Energy Drinks. In addition, those who purchase these drinks stand a chance to win additional prizes along with in-game rewards. These limited-edition Rockstar energy drinks are available through December 8, the release date of which hello infinity.

With popular brands like Trolley Candies and Rockstar Energy collaborating with Xbox, it’s an exciting time to be a fan of the gaming company. Apart from these recent promotions, it will be interesting to see what other Xbox brands partner with in the coming days.

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