It’s Hispanic Heritage Month, and xbox Mexico recently uploaded a beautiful article to commemorate the International Day of Indigenous Peoples. According to the piece, artisans representing three indigenous communities in Mexico used Xbox controllers to share their beautiful cultural artwork. The results, which celebrate both Xbox and cultural creativity, are awe-inspiring.

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Xbox is mixing modern and artistic art to put together unique and wonderful controllers. The work was done by artisans, who had inherited the techniques of their culture, which were passed down by their ancestors. There have been some pretty impressive Xbox controllers over the years, but the artisanal creativity of those created to celebrate International Day of Indigenousness sets them apart.


There are 68 indigenous communities in Mexico. To celebrate their cultural heritage, craftsmen from Huichol (in Nayarit), Olinala in Guerrero and Tenango in Hidalgo were selected for a special Xbox project. Craftsmen used Xbox controllers as a canvas for creativity, and each community differed greatly from one another. The Huichol-designed controller used vibrant beads to tell its story, inspired by the people’s religious practice. Each symbol on the design has a unique meaning, including a corn for prosperity, a butterfly for good luck, and an eye that represents God protecting children.

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Guerrero’s controller is more simple in nature, but no less surprising. The black Xbox controller was painted with natural oils made from the land of the area. The floral design represents the culture and history of the people of Guerrero. Finally, the Hidalgo-themed controller uses embroidery, bright colors, animals, and nature. The technique takes patience, as it is said that the artisan’s mood shines through in the final product.

Celebrating diversity is incredibly important. Each one brings something unique to the table, and cultures around the world have a lot to offer. There are many lessons to be learned from cultures across the planet, and this is certainly true with indigenous cultures. From an Xbox perspective, it’s impressive enough that a Spongebob Xbox and unique one-of-a-kind Xbox controllers made by artisans in Mexico can sit side by side.

Usually with good intentions, the gaming world doesn’t always get Hispanic heritage right, as Twitch faced backlash for Hispanic heritage sentiments last year. However, Xbox’s idea of ​​working directly with people from indigenous communities in Mexico is a great way to celebrate with respect and dignity. Thanks to some Xbox controllers, people inside and outside the gaming community are able to see the value of indigenous communities in Mexico.

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