In a nutshell: The next generation subscription war is heating up. Along with the Sony PlayStation Plus (PS Plus) restructuring, it provides temporary demos for some games. As if following suit, Xbox announced today that it will be providing indie game demos to Game Pass subscribers. It also adds another perk for Ultimate members that allows them to play the games they own from the cloud.

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On Thursday, Microsoft held a presentation “What’s next for the game?” outlining what the guys from Xbox are up to. The blog post mentions Project Moorcroft, a venture that aims to provide curated demos to Xbox Game Pass subscribers. This move is somewhat reminiscent of Sony’s idea of time trials for games over $35 for PS Plus Premium subscribers.

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However, Moorcroft is more focused on getting the attention of indie developers, to the point of paying them compensation for making demos of their games for Game Pass. It also allows studios to see how well their games are being received and collect feedback from players as they bring games to release.

Sarah Bond, Microsoft Senior Vice President of Game Creator Experience and Ecosystem, told gaming publication Stevivor that Project Moorhead aims to recreate a hands-on experience that has been missing for the last couple of years due to a lack of personal experience at E3 (see above).

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“Why don’t we take Game Pass and turn it into a showroom?” Bond said. “Why don’t we give a developer the opportunity to take a part, a level of their game, release it on Game Pass, create excitement about what’s next, and also get some really valuable feedback as they tweak and prep their game? launch game?

Microsoft didn’t have a clear timeline for when Game Pass would start releasing these demos. However, Project Moorcroft is mentioned in the same breath with another new perk given to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers.

Starting later this year, Xbox will begin allowing Ultimate members to play “select” games they own from the cloud. It will even work with games purchased outside of their Game Pass library. While playing from the cloud is certainly no better than playing installed games, it does allow players to access their games from mobile, PC, or anytime they are away from their console.