Xi greets “old friend” Biden as U.S.-China leaders’ summit kicks off

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President Biden told Chinese President Xi Jinping at the start of Monday night’s virtual summit he looked forward to a “clear and frank discussion” on how to set up a “railing of common sense” between the world’s two most powerful nations .

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big picture: Biden has said repeatedly that he probably knows Xi better than any world leader, with the two spending dozens of hours together while serving as vice presidents of their respective countries.

  • Amid rising tensions, Biden is hoping personal diplomacy can help prevent “tough competition” with China from escalating into the conflict.

Running news: Biden began the virtual meeting on Monday night by telling Xi that the two men had “spent a lot of time talking to each other” over the years, and that they had “always been very honest and candid with each other.” communicated.”

  • For example, emphasizing the need to work together on climate change, Biden said, “We have a responsibility to the world as well as to our people.”
  • He said he planned to raise human rights, economics and the need to ensure a free and fair Indo-Pacific region during the meeting.
  • Biden thanked Xi for his greetings after the 2020 presidential election, before handing it over to the Chinese leader to begin his remarks via a translation.

Xi told Biden That he was “very happy to see my old friend,” and stressed the need for the US and China to improve “communication and cooperation.”

  • “Humanity lives in a global village and we face many challenges together,” Xi said.
  • Chinese state media reported that Xi was likely to reject “interference” in China’s domestic affairs, as has been the standard response to US condemnation of Beijing’s human rights abuses and aggression towards Taiwan.

Biden’s delegation:

  • Secretary of State Antony Blinken
  • Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen
  • National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan
  • Indo-Pacific Coordinator Kurt Campbell
  • Laura Rosenberger, NSC Senior Director for China
  • NSC Director for China John Czin
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Xi’s delegation:

  • Ding Xuexiang, Director of the General Office of the CPC Central Committee
  • State Council Vice Premier Liu He
  • Foreign Affairs Director Yang Jiechi
  • State Counselor and Foreign Minister Wang Yeis
  • Vice Foreign Minister Xie Feng

what to watch: Sullivan is expected to provide a public readout of the call to the Brookings Institution panel on Tuesday at 10 a.m. ET.


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