Xtra Gaming implodes over allegations that it tried to silence a sexual assault victim

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Over the weekend, Fortnite supporter JeffTheMVP alleged that he and a friend were drugged and sexually assaulted by two TikTok content creators, SirCarter and ThatsSoRaffy. He also alleged that when he told his team Xtra Gaming that he wanted to make the matter public, the owner attempted to silence him to protect the team brand.

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According to JeffTheMVP, the attack happened in early August long tweet Posted and informed the police. “I was afraid no one would believe me because I am a man,” wrote JeffMVP. “I felt weak and small. I had never felt like I did and did before.”

When he decided to come forward with his story, however, he said that he was strongly discouraged from doing so by the owner of Xtra Gaming.


“My e-sports team, Xtra Gaming, made me feel wrong for bringing what happened to the public,” he wrote. “He said I would have to leave the team if I wanted to talk about it publicly. He said it would look bad on his brand.

“It destroyed me that I didn’t have a team that was like family to me and to me. It was a bad feeling to feel that it was my fault. It wasn’t. Even mine There was no passion. [for] Gaming is tainted because of this situation.”

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JeffTheMVP said in his post that he has evidence to prove that he did indeed report the attack to the police, including an investigation report. He also claimed that “members of Extra Gaming have been talking to me as if it was my fault and that me going public with it would be bad for their brand.”

After the allegations became public, members of the Extra team including traditions, deyu, And Aaron announced they were leaving the team (F/A tweets implying “free agent”), and Aaron detailed his own experiences with “defying” the extras.

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Founder and CEO Manny “Sly” Vietz announced that he too is stepping down, saying in a Statement That the team’s handling of the incident was “insensitive”.

“I take ownership of knowing that I could have taken a more aggressive/public approach to assisting my players and for that I am deeply sorry,” Witts wrote. “Words cannot describe how sad I am that I have failed our members, our community and everyone who has supported us. Therefore, I reflect as CEO of Xtra Gaming, effective immediately. Taking the time to commit and step down.”

Along with personnel, Xtra has also lost at least one major corporate sponsor: Razer announced in a statement on Sunday. Xtra. immediately terminating its partnership with,

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The Xtra Gaming Twitter and Instagram accounts have also been removed, and the Xtra website has been removed: extra.gg The domain currently leads to a blank Shopify template.

JeffTheMVP confirmed on Twitter that he is also looking for a new team, and told PC Gamer that his focus is only on tackling the attack and its aftermath.

“Honestly, it’s the community that’s killing it for me,” he said. “I am so grateful for the positive response from everyone.”

We’ve reached out to Xtra Gaming for comment and will update if we get a reply.

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