Yellowjackets: Our biggest burning questions and working theories

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A private plane carrying an elite women’s high school football team crashes into the woods, leaving a group of teenage girls to fend for themselves. Chaos, violence and potential cannibalism ensues.

Yellowjacket takes cues from Lost by bouncing back and forth between the events before and after the accident. And like Lost, the show thrives on intrigue and mystery. In short, we have questions. We have theories too!

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Here are some of our most burning questions. At the time of writing, nine episodes of the first season have been released. We will update it once the 10th episode airs.

spoiler alert

Who is Antler Queen?

yellow jacket

The opening sequence of Yellowjacket is incredible.

this is Supreme burning question,

At first I was sure it was Misty, then I was sure it was Lottie.

Now I think it could be absolutely anyone. Tit? Jackie? Who the hell knows. Apparently not even the cast of the show know who the Antler Queen is. I think it may be a mystery that remains unsolved for the season to come (Yellowjacket has been renewed for a second season, but it was pitched as a five-season show.)

Who is killed and initially ‘eaten’?

One of the first things I did after watching the end of episode 9 was to rewatch the opening sequence of the show to see if I could figure out who gets edgy at the beginning of the show.

After watching it again, and getting acquainted with all the characters, I believe it’s Lottie. My working theory is that the girls have banded together against him and his witchcraft methods and decide… to eat him in order for strange things not to happen?

look, it’s a doing work Theory.

What happened to Jackie after all?


Jackie is like a main character, but also not?

Well, she’s dead, isn’t she? Shauna attends an annual creepy lunch with Jackie’s perverted parents for her “birthday,” so it’s a safe bet she’s dead.

but how? Or is Jackie arranging all the strange things happening in the present moment?

Jackie is the most central character of the show No Participating in today’s story. That in itself is interesting. Jackie was almost framed as a central character in the early episodes, so we can be sure that his “death” will be a big deal on the show.

Who is there after death?

I truly believe this show would be well served to eliminate a major character soon To let the audience know that no one is safe. It inevitably needs a big Game of Thrones moment. I truly believe that Coach Ben’s days are numbered and there is no way Xavi is making it out of the woods.

What happened to Shauna’s child?

Shauna is pregnant in the past. She currently has a daughter, Callie, with whom she constantly clashes. Is Callie that kid? Those timelines don’t really match, so…

What happened to Shauna’s child? There’s no way they’re going to eat the baby. That’s too much for a mainstream show like Yellowjacket. Will they try and pull a “not suddenly pregnant” plot line? probably not because midnight Mass Really did just that last year.

Not sure how it will go.

Shauna is sure to have a miscarriage. She could not carry the baby in the womb in such a stressful environment! Giving birth would be so risky… but so would miscarriage. Either way, it’s not going to be a good time.

Who was Adam? really,

Shauna gleefully stabs Adam to death, but is this the end of that particular mystery? It never sat with me that Adam followed Shauna so intensely and fell in love so quickly. Was he just the Yellowjacket fan guy who grew up with the mystery, or was there something else going on?

Can Lottie see a real future?


Lottie is one of the most charming characters the show has ever seen.

To be honest, I’m hoping things won’t be completely supernatural.

I think what Lottie predicted – a river flowing with blood, for example – as Taisa argues, has a logical explanation (the river is apparently turning red from concentrated minerals). Although, to be fair, Taisa also turns into a dirt-eating tree-climber at night, so she may not be the most reliable source.

What was Lottie taking her medicine for?

Lottie is taking a drug called “Loxipene,” which is probably a reference to Loxapene, a drug for schizophrenia. In episode 3, however, Lottie’s drug runs out. Shortly after, we see that her behavior begins to change – she’s going crazy, calms down, and starts making very vague and disturbing statements. It’s worth noting that, as far as we know, Lottie hasn’t told anyone else about her illness.

Who died in the cabin? Is this a haunted/cursed/ghost situation?

One theory is swirling that an abandoned mining operation is located above the Red River. There may be some connection to the die in the cabin.

Why was that deer dirty inside?

I can’t imagine we’ll ever find an answer to this, but how was this animal moving up and about with its internal organs, all hollowed out and covered with insects? I need to know!

Who is the man without eyes and why does Tit keep looking at him?

The Man with No Eyes appears in Episode 3 – first as a phantom seen by both Taisa and her grandmother just before Grandma’s death, and later in the woods after the plane crash. He’s only visible at a distance: pale skin, dark hair and, of course, the big holes where his eyes should be.

At first, it seems that there may be a purely psychological reason behind this ghost. Maybe Tit is talking to her dying grandmother to the “man without eyes” and her imagination has filled in the blanks. However, as well as covering her windows with pictures of people with eyes and eyes, along with the behavior of Taisa’s son Sammy, her doll disappeared from the top of the cupboard and began to appear on the basement floor with her eyes removed – we Begins to think that the man with no eyes actually lives in this realm and not just a fantasy of tit.

The Old Eyeless Lad appears briefly in the opening credits and yes, every so often, I panic. This is a really disturbing character and seeing him for the first time is a shock, especially since the first two episodes had negligible supernatural elements. He is yet to come again, but may make a comeback in the finale. A reappearance or a possible clue that he is a supernatural entity will open us up to more questions: if The Man with No Eyes is real, does this mean that Lottie’s visions and spiritual connection to the forest are his schizophrenia? More than the presentations?

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