In short: If you don’t care about Intel processors and won’t let Nvidia graphics stain your PC, here’s another way to show your love for AMD: an officially branded gaming chair. Like most premium chairs of its kind, it costs about the same as a mid-to-high-end graphics card – $579 – but it has a lot of nice features, and you can even add RGB lighting if that’s what you want. need. in.

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Regular twitter leader momomo_us often makes news about his video card. While their latest tweet does refer to an AMD product, it’s not PC hardware; this is PL4500 AMD Edition gaming chair.

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AMD’s collaboration with Vertagear has resulted in a red-painted version of the PL4500 gaming chair. It’s available on the AMD fan site for $579. standard chair usually priced at $549 or just $30 less, it’s currently discounted to $399 so you probably have to really, really like AMD to pick up the branded version.

Some of the chair’s highlights include the use of the Hygenn X material, which combines coffee grounds microfiber and silver-plated embroidery supposedly to limit odor and improve breathability, which is very comfortable for long, stinky gaming sessions.

The chair is also made from PVC and PU (PUC) PU leather, a strong base frame, and Ultra Premium High Resilience Foam, which is as close to memory foam as you can get, but not the real thing. Pillows for neck and lumbar support are Made from memory foam, which is nice.

Elsewhere, you get the usual 3D-adjustable armrests, a four-position locking system with 80 to 140-degree tilt, and an industrial-grade gas lift. There is also an optional wireless RGB/LED Upgrade Kit this adds another $199 to the price.

In terms of weight and height restrictions, the PL4500 supports users up to 400 pounds, although the recommended maximum weight is 260 pounds and a maximum height of 6’6″.

A quick search for PL4500 reviews shows very average ratings; it certainly doesn’t deserve the praise enjoyed by Secret Lab’s excellent Titan Evo series. However, hardcore AMD fans may not care.