You can pick up 16GB or 32GB DDR4 RAM sets pretty cheap right now

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Gaming PCs are RAM hungry these days. If you’re still rocking 8GB of memory, you can look into at least doubling it and getting a new set of DDR4 RAM. Right now, you can get Memory for close to Black Friday prices. a 16GB Corsair Vengeance LPX For example, the set has dropped from its usual $75.99 to $62.99.

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What you want to see in RAM depends on which processor you are running. A 3200MHz pack is fine for the latest Intel processors, like our current favorite, the i5 12600K. For AMD CPUs, you’ll have to punch that number up to faster speeds and look for something in the 3600MHz range. look at the Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro The sticks are currently 15% off (that’s only $2 off the recent lowest price).

Corsair Vendetta LPX 16GB | 3200 MHz | CL16 | $102.99

Corsair Vendetta LPX 16GB | 3200 MHz | CL16 | $102.99 $62.99 on Amazon (Save $40)


Corsair, now known more for its peripherals than anything else, began as a respected name in RAM. This is still absolutely true. This kit ticks everything you could want from a good kit of memory – good frequency, great latency, and great value for money thanks to this deal. You know it will work in any system as well. Note that there is no RGB bling here.

For basic PC gaming, 16GB of RAM is still fine. Going for More can make switching between applications easier and boosting other programs such as video editors. The best deal to fit what you need right now is 32GB Crucial Ballistics 3200 MHz Memory Kit, which is a $54 discount on Newegg.

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If you were expecting to see a drop in prices on DDR5 RAM, you’ll have to wait some more time. DDR5 is still new and its impact on gaming doesn’t seem significant enough to warrant upgrading your motherboard and trying to hunt down some sticks. If you’ve already managed to get a good GPU and CPU, this may be a way to future-proof it, but for now, prices are closer to $500 for a 32GB set, which is more than the amount spent on RAM. an absurd amount to do

If you want to go all out with DDR4 RAM, your best bet is to opt for Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 64GB kit. With promo codes from Newegg, this set is a little more affordable than usual, but we still wouldn’t recommend it just for gaming. If you need heaps of RAM for other uses, it might be worth the money.

Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 16GB } 3600 MHz | CL18| $99.99

Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 16GB } 3600 MHz | CL18| $99.99 $84.99 on Amazon (Save $15)

This set of 16GB of Corsair RAM is a solid addition to your gaming rig. It runs fast enough for those with AMD processors and has the option to make your case pop with RGB lights.

Vital Ballistics 32Gb | 3200 MHz | CL16| $152.99

Vital Ballistics 32Gb | 3200 MHz | CL16|$152.99 $98.99 on Newegg (Save $54)

This 32GB of RAM is great if you want to keep your gaming rig future-proof and stable for heavy applications. It doesn’t run at exceptional speeds, but for most uses that should be more than enough.

UK RAM Deals

Corsair Vendetta LPX Black 32GB | 3600 MHz | CL 18| £180.34

Corsair Vendetta LPX Black 32GB | 3600 MHz | CL 18| £180.34 £125.00 (Save £55) on Ebuyer

This 32GB set of Corsair memory is a good choice if you need both fast speed and good capacity. AMD CPU owners would benefit from such a set up for running not only games but other beefy programs.

Patriot Viper 4 Steel Series DDR4 32GB | 3600 MHz | CL15| £135.38

Patriot Viper 4 Steel Series DDR4 32GB | 3600 MHz | CL15| £135.38 £96.99 (Save £39) on Ebuyer

If you need 32GB of RAM at 3600MHz, this is a great pick. This set of RAM is the fastest. It may not have a huge impact on gaming, but it’s a valuable option at such a low price.

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