YouTube allows COVID misinformation to stay up

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YouTube fixed last month Sanctions The site cuts “harmful vaccine material,” a major vector of misinformation. Yet a particularly high-profile and dangerous vaccine misinformation channel in Germany remains and is ongoing.

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why it matters: When tech giants announce major policy changes, there’s always a doubt that they’re doing so for their domestic audiences, and American journalists and policymakers in particular. Which makes it easier for them to ignore content made in Berlin.

running news: corona committee (Corona Committee) is not only the most prominent anti-vax YouTube channel in Germany – it is also the public face of an entire political party, Die Basis, which received 1.4% of the vote in the most recent federal elections.

  • Sebastian Leber, a reporter for the Berlin newspaper Der Tagespiegel, saw one of the videos, Which often stretches for more than 6 hours.
  • Among the false claims it does: that illiterate people are being held in concentration camps; that such a holocaust is already taking place in Israel; that vaccines involve injecting something like a live octopus into the body; And that vaccine booster shots are going to be fatal to everyone who gets them.

Reference: The channels removed by YouTube last month include Children’s Health Defense linked to Robert F. Kennedy Jr., as well as Joseph Mercola, Erin Elizabeth and Sherry Tenpenny. What they have in common, other than their conspiracy-theory, is that they were English-language and aimed at Americans.

What are they saying: YouTube says it is reviewing the channel after questions from Nerdshala.

  • “We work diligently to remove misinformation on YouTube in dozens of languages,” YouTube spokeswoman Elena Hernandez told Nerdshala. “When we launch a new policy, as we recently did with common vaccine misinformation, we work quickly to remove infringing content, but it will take some time to fully implement it. could.”
  • Hernandez said YouTube’s automated systems are trained to flag videos in multiple languages, and that more than 20,000 people, including many with German language expertise, “trace, review, and remove the content.” We do.”
  • She declined to say how many videos have been removed since the new vaccine misinformation policy was introduced in late September.
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Our thought bubble: If it subsides over the next few days, right after Nerdshala asks scathing questions about it, it will only reinforce the notion that YouTube’s expulsion is aimed mostly at American politicians and journalists.


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