In 2010, YouTube launched a program dubbed youtube rewind, a year-end video roundup of selected content that has been considered the most trending over the past 12 months. YouTube Rewind was consistently successful, and videos often reached or surpassed 100 million views. Over the years, YouTube Rewind has evolved into a wide range of collaborations with some of the platform’s most popular influencers. Many content creators also began releasing their own rewind videos, many of them mocking or parodying YouTube’s version.

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But that all changed in 2018, when that year’s YouTube Rewind video earned the distinction of being the most disliked video in YouTube history, and even the company’s CEO’s kids called it “cringy.” YouTube was accused of serving the media and advertisers and not truly showing the best content of the year. So in 2019, Compilation Videos presented the platform’s most-loved content, using data collected throughout the year. YouTube also released a list of featured videos, grouped into categories such as most viewed games, most liked beauty videos and most viewed creators.


Today, on the 10th anniversary of YouTube Rewind, a spokesperson for the platform confirmed that it is shutting down the annual feature for good. Instead, YouTube will leave the year-end rewind video for creators to “uniquely capture the year from their perspective.” YouTube will promote this new era of rewind videos, but will not sponsor or fund them. Instead, the spokesperson revealed that YouTube will continue to release an annual list adhering to the 2019 format, to avoid any direct negative impacts about the content or the way it is put together.

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In 2020, YouTube Rewind was cancelled, due to which YouTube cited the then-current global situation. In a November 2020 statement, the company clarified that “2020 has been different. And it doesn’t feel right to continue it as if it wasn’t. It didn’t come as a complete surprise to many as 2020 was indeed a year of turmoil and cancellations, but it was expected that YouTube Rewind would return in 2021 along with everything else.

YouTube hasn’t completely shrugged off the annual celebration of content created on the platform. The spokesperson hinted at a year-end interactive experience, though he didn’t go into more details. The YouTube Streamy Awards – held annually to recognize the best in online video, including acting, directing, writing and producing – will also continue. The first Streamy Awards were held in 2009, and the show usually takes place at the end of the year, between October and mid-December.

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