Zoom is adding live translation services and coming to Facebook VR

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Zoom’s whiteboard feature is also getting an upgrade

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Zoom plans to expand its support for automated live transcription with Live Translate, and turn its whiteboard feature into a fully-featured app, among many other changes the company announced Monday at its Zoomtopia conference. Of.


Automated Live Transcription/Closed Caption in English was announced to be coming to free Zoom accounts in February 2021. Now Zoom says it plans to “provide real-time transcription by the end of next year (for up to 30 additional languages).” As part of that push, Zoom will also offer translation services for paid accounts, with plans “to support real-time translation in 12 languages ​​by the end of next year.” Zoom wasn’t able to share details about which languages ​​will be supported and when, but it did say that these improvements are a direct result of machine learning knowledge acquired by German translation company Kites.

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Zoom Whiteboard, as accessed through the Zoom app.
Image: Zoom

Another major change is coming to Zoom’s whiteboard feature. Zoom currently lets you Create and share whiteboards during meetings To doodle together while talking, but a planned expansion launching in beta later this year will make the Zoom app and Zoom whiteboard available outside of meetings in the web. The basic drawing tools do not appear to differ from what Zoom is currently offering, with the main change being how Zoom is treating whiteboards as a product with video calls, rather than a feature that resides inside them. You’ll be able to add sticky notes, drawings and comments to your board and view them whenever you want.

A meeting at Horizon Workroom.
Image: Facebook

Early next year, Zoom is coming to Facebook’s Horizon Workroom. According to Zoom, the shared VR meeting space will be able to host video meetings and connect to the Zoom whiteboard. In VR, you can pin a Zoom whiteboard to your virtual desk or wall for all to see, and create pictures with coworkers attending meetings via a traditional computer.

Zoom Widget.
Image: Zoom

For a more comprehensive look at all the other changes, Zoom is being announced at Zoomtopia 2021, including a new Zoom widget shown in the gif above, Go to company blog.

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