Zoom update is finally adding live translation

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At its annual Zoomtopia event, Zoom announced its plans to bring a number of innovations and new features to its video conferencing platform to help usher in the next era of communication.

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One such feature that users of the company’s video conferencing software have been eagerly waiting for is live translation and transcription. With the expansion of Zoom’s existing live transcription feature along with real-time, automatic translation, Zoom Meetings will become even more inclusive and the company also revealed that support for multiple languages ​​is coming next year.

Hybrid and remote workforces rely on collaboration tools to be efficient and productive, which is why Zoom plans to further expand access to the Zoom whiteboard. The company’s whiteboard will act as a digital canvas that enables seamless, real-time and asynchronous collaboration. Zoom users will also have the ability to interact with the whiteboard in a way that is similar to an in-person experience and to create more visually engaging and efficient meetings.

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Zoom also revealed new details on its hot desking solution that will be available later this year. Once this feature is rolled out, employees will be able to reserve desks and spaces in their offices on an interactive map and with easy authentication, they will be able to bring their personalized Zoom experience to any Zoom room or Zoom phone device. Will be

Video voicemail and ongoing support

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As part of its future plans, Zoom aims to ensure that meetings, chats, webinars and phones all work together as a unified communication solution with the ability to navigate between them easily.

To accomplish this, Zoom Chat Huddle View has the ability to provide a visual layout of channels, giving teams a sense of connectedness while working from home. Channel members will be able to choose a virtual background of their choice, chat, see who’s on the channel and quickly identify whether they are engaged or available to bring teams together in an entirely new way.

Zoom also wants to put its own spin on voicemail with the Zoom phone video voicemail. This new feature is designed to provide a more attractive alternative to standard voicemail for coworkers with the ability to drop video messages directly into their voicemail inboxes.

Continuous collaboration is another new feature the company is working on to make it easier to collaborate across tools with tighter integration into the Zoom platform and third parties. With these planned improvements, users will be able to share files, recordings and chats from Zoom Meetings to Zoom Chat for easy reference and collaborate on documents without leaving the Zoom client.

Zoom has its plans for the future, but we’ll have to wait and see if the company can work on them at a time when more employees have started video calling for in-person meetings at the office .

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